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We are excited to have formed a Partnership with NORM DUKE and his company Next Level Bowling! Norm Duke and his team of Pros will utilize MotionPro! to give  lessons.


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Customer Feedback

We are proud to share a few of the many positive comments we have received from our customers.

MotionPro! is the type of program that golf teaching professionals need in their schools and lessons if they are going to meet the ever increasing customer demands and growing expectations. If you want to remain competitive in the local market and draw an even larger clientele, one must offer an program that exceeds expectations.

My business has grown 25% over last season in only the first 2 months of using the program as word spreads that the technology is available. I expect it only to get better. I can now offer different products such as long distance golf swing analysis lessons via the internet and am working with clients from across Canada, the USA,  Dubai, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Germany to name a few.


Ryan J. Cater
Canadian PGA Teaching Professional
Victoria, BC, Canada

"I had a chance to run your program, it is so cool.  I'm 59 and not much amazes me anymore,

but your program is so simple to use, easy to understand, and works like you said it would."

Gregg Pauley - Pierre, SD

I love MotionPro -- it has helped me improve my golf swing like you wouldn't believe. Someday I will send you a video of my swing, to compare alongside Tiger ... OK, I better not get carried away.
Dave Dole
Oregon, USA

"The software has already paid for itself. It's already helped me a lot. I have a couple of friends who want to try it out too. For the price it was exactly what I was looking for.

Fred  Huttel, Erie PA

Bowling Coach


"I can tell you that we use MotionPro every day in practice and for games.  It is an invaluable teaching, evaluating and scouting tool.  We couldn't be more pleased. "

 Tom Walter - Head Baseball coach at the University of New Orleans

 "MotionPro is an "Outstanding Program" and a great training aid.  I'm able to break down and analyze my guys swing to give them video feedback.  This allows them to make improvements to their swing. "

 Kerry Kincaid / East Wake high School / Head Baseball Coach


"Aloha, What a great program, I use the program to coach for bowling at our Junior Program, traveling teams and at high school teams. We have three silver coaches here that use the MotionPro! software."


Gilbert Santos USBC Silver Bowling Coach

 Hawaii, USA

"I am a bowler and I have found that your software has helped me greatly improve my game.  I recently bowled my first sanctioned 300 game and last night I bowled 290."

   Filip Mazur - FL


"Motion Pro has helped me to show kids where they need improving in areas they were not aware they were doing anything wrong - now they can see it. I will be upgrading soon"

 Phill Foreman - Head Field Hockey and Tennis Coach

 "By using video for my goalies we can show them what they are doing wrong"

Paul DeVito - Lakers Youth Hockey

"I got MotionPro when I was looking for software to analyze videos of my golf swing. I found and tried demos of several programs, and found that MotionPro was best in every respect -- functions, ease of use, price, etc. I've found video analysis to be an excellent way to improve skills in sports, and MotionPro is the best video analysis software."

David Dole - Golfer

"I am very pleased with MotionPro and am making good use of the features it has. It is very easy to use and the results are astounding. The people I coach have been singing the praises of MotionPro and one friend has said he will be making a purchase very soon"

Ken Bearman, UK


 "This software is indispensable when things are just off. You can easily compare a swing when things worked well and see what has changed. This really helps to get you back on track rapidly and enjoying the game."

"Invaluable tool for you to analyze your swing or send the video to your pro and get them  to take a look when you are off kilter. What power!"

 "Feel just never really worked for me. When you can see what you are doing you can improve it. MotionPro! helps you use your visual and feel sensors to improve your swing and play better."

 Gary Tarbet, PhD - Golfer

"The price of this program is remarkable!  The features of this program for the price just can't be beat!"

"I have used this program for coaching softball pitching and batting and for volleyball serving and hitting. It is great to show a player their form in slow motion and point out their inefficiency movements that they cannot see even on regular video.  I love the side by side comparison."


"Customer Service is spectacular!!!!  Every question I emailed prior to my purchase was answered fully and in a timely manner.  After my computer crashed, I expected a hassle to reload on to a new system, but you made it easy and fast."

"In the year that I have used MotionPro! it has proven to be an important part of my coaching and the company has my utmost respect for the way they do business.  I will be a customer for a long time."

Kevin Koziol Coach - Lake-Lehman High School, Activ Volleyball (AAU)

 "Amazing! Very detailed and comprehensive analysis."

Melfred Sumaya/Asian Hospital & Medical Center



"Simple and easy to use. Can get immediate feedback when sharing information between other scouts and college coaches."

 Michael Pisaniello

Global Scouting Bureau  / NYP Recruiting Program NY Area Scout / Administrator

 "I use MotionPro software all the time to view videos of my golf swing.  I find the software  to be very user friendly and possessing all of the features I want.  For example, I use the program to play my golf videos at various speeds, one frame at a time, locked to a second video, in full-screen  view, etc.  I especially like the film strip option where I can look at a frame-by-frame sequence of my swing.  Ive used several other video software packages (generally more expensive than MotionPro and specifically designed for golf)  and none of them had the ease of use and options of MotionPro.  I have also found that MotionPro is very flexible with respect to the format of the videos it plays.   Almost any of the formats I have tried work.  This was not the case with other video software I have used.   All in all, MotionPro is an excellent product and well worth the money."

 Paul Kochanowski -Golfer

"This  program has helped a lot in the identification of posture and movements defects in sport. I use MotionPro! to improve my performence in the archery."

Mr. Nelson Fernandes, eletronic engineer and archer in Brazil.

 "The ease of use of this program is amazing. The complete value of the product compared to anything out there on the market."

    "Excellent technical support we have always received."

Rick Thomas  

"I used the product to help a high school freshman make the high school golf team. He has only been playing the game for a year and half, and with the help of Motionpro we were able to show his swing faults in frame by frame mode, and compared his swing to tour players. We used the product 2 weeks after the first video session to chart his progress and saw dramatic results. Thanks to Motionpro and Andrews hard work. He made the team."

 Rob Welton Golf Coach

 "I never have been a person who takes lessons, I was taught to know my swing.  The only problem with that is you have to visualize what you think you are doing, wrong or right.  Now I can see it - and get a lesson from my long-time teacher, me!"

David Steel, Windermere, FL -Golfer

 MotionPro! has given us an affordable way to bring video analysis to our customers.  We have already had great feed back from our customers and are already experiencing growth in lesson revenue.

 Larry Schwab  - Larry's Pro Shop PortLand OR GOLF COACH

 "I had the computer coach and I found MotionPro a lot easier to use with great customer support"

 Mark Brown/Tam O'Shanter Club Brookville, ny

"I make video from rowing exercises and after that we are watching video and makin tecnic correction. I can measured angles of blades during the catch, blades at correct depth, time difference between drive and recovery."

"I have been using it for more than a year, i am going very soon to the home or coach version. Very simple to use."

 Carlos Salinas Bascur, coach of Ulla Varvio, final B winner in the WORLD ROWING UNDER 23 CHAMPIONSIPS 2007,  Takonsoutajat Rowin club from Tampere, Finland


"Thank You for the outstanding service... I will continue to strongly recommend  MotionPro to all my coaching colleagues..."

Yves Therrien
USGTF Master golf teaching professional 




"I purchased MotionPro! to analyze my golf swing. I am still getting myself familiar with the software, but already find it very useful and interesting. It is so easy now to see what my coach keeps saying that my swing plane is too steep and more out to in that creates fade/slice.  This is in my opinion an absolute great product that every serious golfer should have."
Best regards,
Thomas M Handojo
Singapore 629156

"I purchased the first edition of your sports analyzer software for golf back in July, 2004. At that time it was very effective and a great value. Today its 100% better with all the free updates. I really like the ease of use and especially the kite tail.  I am very impressed that the updates are free, most places charge for upgrades."

Don Kelly
Pottsboro, TX

"I was amazed, and to be honest, surprised by what I learned in less than 30 minutes with my MotionPro! software. It was unbelievable how different my mental picture was from my actual golf swing. I could not believe that after more than 20 years I had such a fundamental swing flaw, taking the club back far too upright and outside."

"After just a few sessions with the swing motion analyzer I hit the best golf shot of my life, holing out from 130 yards on a par 5. Only one word can describe the feeling of that shot: euphoria! I am finally taking my game to the next level. Thank you for a great product at an incredible price!"

Al Curtis
Garner, NC


"I believe that for the price of MotionPro! relative to its quality there is no comparison with other brands."
Lee Chapman
- Holland's PGA Professional of the Year 2005



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