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We are excited to have formed a Partnership with NORM DUKE and his company Next Level Bowling! Norm Duke and his team of Pros will utilize MotionPro! to give  lessons.


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MotionPro! is the type of program that golf teaching professionals need in their schools and lessons if they are going to meet the ever increasing customer demands and growing expectations. If you want to remain competitive in the local market and draw an even larger clientele, one must offer an program that exceeds expectations. Today’s golfers are far more informed about the golf swing because of  the growth in the game over the past decade and are being bombarded with information about the golf swing, often confusing themselves to the point of “paralysis through over analysis”.


To be a good golf instructor you must be a master communicator and find many different ways of explaining the same thing until you find the right way to say it that makes sense to the student. The MotionPro! system enable you to communicate your theories on a level that you client will understand more clearly and in a shorter period of time. Many of my customers have admitted that they had seen themselves swing on regular film in the past, but watching it on the computer in much slower motion while I explain the theory has improved their ability to retain information and put it into immediate action. The results I have seen in some of my clients has been outstanding now that we can not only save time but only needing to use one or two swings to explain what we're working on. The side-by side comparison feature is a true essential and simply wow's the customer when you can bring in an example instantly to show them a more effective move, stance or swing feature done by a professional or low handicapper.


My business has grown 25% over last season in only the first 2 months of using the program as word spreads that the technology is available. I expect it only to get better. I can now offer different products such as long distance golf swing analysis lessons via the internet and am working with clients from across Canada, the USA,  Dubai, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Germany to name a few.


I feel that any instructor not using this program is behind the times and should invest in the future today if they want to compete in their local market.  The program has paid for itself many times over and has been the single best teaching tool investment I have made in my business. I would recommend it to any teaching professional looking to be the best.


Ryan J. Cater


About the author

Originally from Oakville Ontario, Ryan graduated from Wilfred Laurier University with a degree in communication studies, business, and marketing in 1999. Realizing what he wanted to do, he migrated to Victoria to attend the Professional Golf Management Certification Program at Camosun College, which he completed in 2002. Upon graduation, he accepted an offer in Kamloops at the Sun Rivers Golf Resort where he started his assistant golf pro and teaching career. Opportunity called shortly thereafter and the call of ocean brought him back to the Island to help open Bear Mountain Golf Resort.
Ryan grew up at the National Golf Club in Ontario and was mentored by the late Ben Kern from the ages of 6 through 15. He has since developed into a Level 5 CPGA Instructor and has completed his 3M Coaching Level 2. Ryan currently plays on the Vancouver Island Ben Hogan Assistants Tour and consistently finishes in contention.

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