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Best Camera to use for Video Analysis

Solution MotionPro software will work with any camera or video.

Depending on your cameras functionality:
MotionPro software will allow you to either bring in live or pre-recorded video from your camera directly.
MotionPro will open up your video downloaded to your computer.

Hard Drive
Hard Drive cameras store video on an internal hard drive, most use MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, or .MOV video format.

The USB connections on these cameras just allows you to download the video to your computer.
MotionPro! allows you to open these videos with no problems. (You may need a Free video codec to play your video)
If you have any problems playing your video, please send us a short clip and we can tell you what video Codec you need.
(send video to:

USB Capture Devices:

These devices allow you to bring live video from any camcorder via the A/V port.
You can use these devices on your DVD, Hard Drive cameras, or any other cameras that have an A/V port.
The link below shows you you what these devices look like.

MotionPro! will allow you to open these videos as well. These cameras are good because they fit in your pocket.

If you just want to record and download your video to your computer and open it up with Motionpro then any camera will work.

If you want to bring in live video as you are recording, then you need a camera that has a DV (Firewire port) or you just need to purchase a USB Capture device.

Mini-DV Cameras:
Mini-DV cameras which have a firewire port are the Great cameras when using Video Analysis Software. These cameras have been used for years, but manufacturers have recently discontinued this technology.
If you still have one, they still work great.
These cameras allow you to bring in live video directly from your camera into your computer and into MotionPro!
Firewire lets you connect your Firewire capable camera directly to your computer through the DV port.
You can also record your video on the cameras Digital tape, and bring your recorded video into MotionPro using the firewire port as well.
Our software will also allow you to control your camera, so you don't need to touch your camera.
Just look for Cameras that have Mini-DV capability.

DVD cameras:
Our software will play these videos with no problem
DVD cameras store video on a mini-DVD. Our software will open most Finalized DVD format, which is stored as VOB files.
Dvd videos are compressed as MPEG2.(You may need a Free Codec,if the videos do not play on your computer)
You can download the codec from the link below:
Unzip and Run the MPEG-2 codec file.

Most of these types of cameras have no way of streaming live video or video stored on the camera directly into your computer, without the use of a USB Capture Device. But if you don't need to bring in live video, openning the video from the DVD will work.

USB 3.0 Cameras:
These ports are faster then USB 2.0 and Firewire.
USB 3.0 ports are just showing up in computers, but camera manufacturers have not yet incorporated this technology into cameras.
When they are incorporated into cameras, they should be able to do live stream video.
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