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We are excited to have formed a Partnership with NORM DUKE and his company Next Level Bowling! Norm Duke and his team of Pros will utilize MotionPro! to give  lessons.


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Jason Frausto
Director of Junior Tennis
USPTA Teaching Professional

As a high level tennis teaching professional my primary objective has always been to stay up to date and incorporate the best teaching methods available. I've quickly learned in the time that I've been teaching how crucial modeling and visual images are to students and the large role it plays in proper development.

I've always looked for the best ways to help students learn and understand the technical aspects of stroke production and the key positions each person should model in the swing. Tennis is quite unique for the fact that it features many different swing types and shot selections, and I feel like I've found a great tool for visual learning and understanding.

In my time using the MotionPro! software I've not only received great feedback from students but I've also been extremely impressed with the product and ease of use. I've been so impressed with the feedback that I've received from several students that I've decided to offer this service to people from all over the world via my website www.code1online.com. Our goal is to offer professional stroke analysis using our MotionPro! Digital VCR software.

It certainly seems that at this point in time many Tennis Professionals are behind the times with golf professionals leading the way in terms of swing analysis. I hope that as more Tennis Professionals are exposed to products like MotionPro! they will offer services like this to their students too. I feel personally that MotionPro! gives the student the immediate visual feedback they need to make real progress in the sport they choose to play.

I evaluated many other software programs before selecting MotionPro! and found that what PDSOFTEC was offering simply couldn't be matched in terms of price or customer service. Any questions I had regarding MotionPro! were promptly answered and the few "roadblocks" I thought I had hit were removed within seconds. So I thank PDSOFTEC and look forward to a great relationship with this company for many years to come.

Jason Frausto
USPTA Teaching Professional
Springfield Racquet & Fitness Center

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