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Clubfitters Corner by Ted Strickland
Proud member of


Article #1: Why Clubfitting Matters (continued)

The fact of the matter is OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have been building newer and "better" clubs at an astounding rate over the last 20 years and the average handicap has not been reduced at all. Most of the big three (Calloway, Titleist, Taylor) have put out new models at the rate of at least one a year in irons, more than that in drivers and other clubs. Each new model promises to be better and longer and straighter than the last, and lots, and I do mean lots, of golfers buy in to the promise only to be disappointed later when their score doesn't come down any. There has to be a better way.

Tom Wishon, one of the top names in golf club technologies and design, has just authored a new book entitled "The Search for the Perfect Club". In it he describes the necessity and process of being custom fitted. No other advancement in technology replaces the necessity of having clubs that are fitted to you. It's like trying to wear 32 - 30 pants when you're a 36 - 32 size. And believe me the OEMs only want to sell you 32 - 30s (or something very similar). They can't make money by stopping that assembly line to make a set just for you.

Go look at a new set of clubs in a sporting good store. You will find at best two stated flexes of shafts in a set of irons (much less a shaft that is more fitting for your type of swing). To top it off, they will also be built to one length. Lot's of luck if you're 6' 2" or more OR 5' 8" or less (I won't even talk about the problems women golfers have with getting clubs in the correct length). Lie angle adjustment, what's that? Sole angle and width, what do those have to do with club performance? They're game improvement clubs, so my game should improve right? One more thing they don't tell you is that the guy on the assembly line doesn't care about how the clubs were made, he's just putting them together as quickly as possible. Think your irons are all R flex? Bet if they were checked they would vary anywhere from A flex to S flex. Flex variations are part of the process of assembly line production, and if you think that doesn't matter think about this. Is there a club you have in your bag that you just love, and one that you hate? Chances are the one you love fits you to a tee, the one you hate is off, WAY OFF.

In the next installment I'll be discussing what advantages there are to a custom set of clubs from a professional club fitter/builder. Also, I'll be covering what to look for in selecting that professional. Just because someone hangs out a shingle and claims to be a custom club builder doesn't mean they have the tools/technology and knowledge/skills to fit you perfectly.


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