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Connecting Your Camera to a USB Capture Device

Your video camera may require an adapter cable to plug into the USB Video Capture device. There are at least three possible connectors that we know of that could be on your camera. We'll try to cover each one, and recommend the proper cable you would need to go into the USB Video Capture Device. All of these cables are readily available at local electronics stores, such as Radio Shack, for less than $10.00.

NOTE: The USB Video Capture device can accept either S-VIDEO or RCA Video connections. Choose either one based on your camera connector options and personal preference.

S-Video on your camera to S-VIDEO on the USB device

A standard S-Video connector is pictured to the right. If your camera has a connector like this on it, then you can use an S-VIDEO to S-VIDEO cable to connect your camera to the USB device. Plug this cable into the female S-VIDEO connector on your camera, and the other end into the female S-VIDEO connector on your USB device, and you will be ready to go!



RCA Video on your camera to RCA Video on the USB device

An RCA Video connector is pictured to the right. If you have this connector on your camera, then you'll need an RCA to RCA cable. It will look like below on both ends. Plug one end into the camera's VIDEO OUT and the other end into the USB device's VIDEO IN.




1/8" Stereo plug on camera to RCA Video + Audio on the USB device

Some cameras use a 1/8" stereo connector, such as that pictured to the right, to output both video and audio. For this kind of connection, use an adapter cable as pictured below. One of the two RCA connectors will carry the video, and the other will carry the audio.



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